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  • How do I maintain my pool?
    You can maintain your pool yourself or hire a pool cleaner. See our suggested pool cleaners here. Pool cleaners typically come weekly and will most likely come onsite to provide you with a quote. Please note that no two pools are the same and that the below is only a suggested regimen to get started. Everyone's water is different depending on the amount of sun, rain, tree debris, sunscreen, etc. that gets in it. To maintain the pool yourself: Before starting: Read the manuals in full for your equipment. Link to Intex Filter Pump Manual Unplug the pump when changing out the filter. Link to Dolphin Vacuum Manual Do not use the blue cord to pull out the Dolphin vacuum. Do not enter the pool when the vacuum is running. Link to Heater Pump Manual Link to Bestway 56441 Manual About 1x per week: Run the Dolphin Vacuum E20 by pressing the large button. This device will run for ~2 hours and suck up any leaves/debris at the bottom. Your Dolphin may have the ability to be scheduled on a weekly timer. You will have to reprogram the timer weekly. You can read more about that in your manual. Retract up and bungee the interior ladder for a deeper clean so the Dolphin can more easily get behind it. If you need a deeper clean for finer debris (sand, pollen, etc.), you can purchase an upgraded filter basket: Dolphin Ultra Fine Filter Basket. Periodically, you will need to clean out the basket with your hose. Consult your manual on maintaining the basket. Use the net to scoop out floating debris. Fill the chlorine dispenser with more 1" chlorine tablets. Fill it up with roughly ~8 tabs per week. Reminder that this is just to start - you will need to test your water to learn how much is needed. Add 1/4 bag of Leslie's Chlor Brite into the running stream of water from the pump so it doesn't sit at the bottom of the pool. Remove the filter from the filter pump and ​rinse or replace with an Intex Filter Cartridge Type A . If there is minimal build-up, you can rinse. Loosen the tight screw to let air out. Stop when the water is coming out, then tighten. See the video below for how to do this. When Needed: Use the vinyl cleaner to clean the top sides of the pool. Avoid using excess amount - spray on towel first. Change out the top of the net pole with the brush attachment to brush the sides of the pool. Testing Your Water: To keep balanced water and accurate chemicals levels, you can learn to test the water yourself (kits sold on Amazon or at pool stores) or bring a water sample to a Leslie's Pools franchise for them to test the water for you. A Leslie's employee will then provide you with a chemical regimen. They will ask how large your pool is - it is 1,800 gallons.
  • What happens if my pool turns green after it rains?
    Watch this super helpful video to learn more about the potential chemical imbalance and how to fix it.
  • What if my pool stays green, has mold, etc.?
    If your pool stays green after shocking or has major issues, we typically suggest draining your pool, giving it a deep clean with vinyl cleaner, and refilling the pool with fresh water. If you want someone to deep clean your pool for you, check here. Another option is to bring a sample of your water to a Leslie's Pools location and have an employee suggest a chemical regimen to get it back to normal. Note: pool chemicals can be very expensive. It will typically be much faster and cheaper to drain your pool and start over with new water. Often, this is what Leslie's will suggest. They will ask how large your pool is - it is 1,800 gallons.
  • How do I drain and refill my pool?
    All Delphina pools come with a pump that will remove the water from your pool using a standard garden hose. Manual for your Superior Pump is here. It will typically take 4 hours to drain the pool. It will drain down to about 1/4" of water so you might need to scoop out the remaining bit with a bucket. Important: Remove the chlorine dispenser from the inside. If you leave it in, it can remove coloring. Important: Turn off your pool pump to ensure it's not running without water in it. Ideally, let the vinyl liner dry for about a day. Then, use Vinyl Cleaner to scrub the sides before filling it back up. As you fill up the pool again, get inside and kick out the liner to ensure there aren't folds or kinks in the bottom of the pool. Stay inside the pool for the first 3 inches. Additionally, as the pool fills back up, ensure the pool legs are kicked out and on the cement blocks (if you have them) as it fills back up. You might have to use a long tool (e.g. broom) or unscrew and remove the wrap to do this.
  • Pool Tips
    Swim in it! Moving around the water in the pool is great for the chlorine and water clarity. Use the cover and, in the fall, use the leaf blower to blow leaves off the cover before taking it off so they don't get into the pool. When getting in and out of the pool, ensure that the ladder is fully extended.
  • Pool Trouble Shooting
    Pump Isn't Working: press the reset button. Pump Is Leaking: ensure the white rubber band is on the top to keep a tight suction. Pump Is Making Loud Scratchy Noise: release air from the top screw
  • What should I do during a freeze?
    During a prolonged freeze with temperatures below 32 degrees for more than 12 hours, simply unplug your filter pump from the power source so that it doesn't run. You want to prevent the pump from running if the water inside the tubes freezes. Remember to plug it back in and reset when the temperatures rise back to above freezing. This is all that you need to do.
  • How should I winterize my pool?
    You can either: Keep water in it and just do lighter maintenance. You will still need to add chlorine and switch out the filter so it doesn't become a swamp, but you can just attempt doing this once a month and see how it goes. Drain it fully but remember that when it rains, a light amount of water will collect at the bottom and need to be drained out periodically. We do not offer a rainproof cover for a lot of reasons, but the main one is that a rainproof cover would have to be very large (imagine a huge hot tub cover). A vinyl tarp will break from the weight of the rain or fall to the bottom of the pool. We've tested a lot and do not suggest. :) Remove the pool liner & metal legs completely and store it somewhere until the start of next season. This is the most cumbersome option but also the most full-proof. If you're in Austin, we have 2 Delphina employees who could clean your liner, take it apart, and fold it up to be stored for the season for $300. You would then want to hire them in the Spring to re-install for $300. If you would like to do this, email us
  • How do I clean a rusty ladder or handles?
    Stainless steel can rust after prolonged time in the water and chlorine. You can easily scrub away rust using Bar Keepers Friend spray. Spray the metal with the cleaner, scrub the cleaner onto the rusty parts with a cloth or brush (a toothbrush works well), then spray with water and watch the rust disappear. You will most likely have to do this at the start of each season.
  • Who can clean my pool for me?
    Weekly Pool Cleaners: Austin Tony's Pools: text 512.826.6111 Above & Beyond Pools and Spa's: Dominque 512.415.0266 Houston contacts coming soon Dallas contacts coming soon Deep Clean the Pool Liner: If you haven’t kept up with maintenance over the Winter and want some help getting your pool ready for swim season, a team member is available to deep-clean your pool liner and start a water refresh. They will scrub the interior with the proper vinyl cleaner, remove all debris, and start the pool refill after the cleaning. You can pay them via Venmo or cash. 1️⃣ Text a tech and request a Delphina Pool deep clean and schedule a time. 2️⃣ Drain the pool using the Sump Pump we provided. DRAINING INSTRUCTIONS HERE. Fully drain the pool at least 24 hours before your cleaning so the liner can dry and it can be properly cleaned. 3️⃣ The tech will text you when they departs. Set a few alarm reminders to turn your water off after refill! Austin John: text 610.203.1490 for a quote Houston contacts coming soon Dallas contacts coming soon
  • How do I work my roll-up leaf cover?
    First, use a leaf blower to blow off any debris. Then, roll it up OVER and not UNDER. This makes it easier to pull it back on and ensures it doesn't get stuck under the cushions.
  • How do I wash my cushions?​
    First try using a high-pressure setting on your hose. If you want a deeper clean in the washing machine, remove the cushions covers from your cushions. Machine wash cold on hand wash setting with detergent. If they're very stained, add some vinegar (check the internet on suggestions here!). Note: the interior might fray when you wash your cushions. This is totally fine. Use scissors to cut out the fraying or any tangling.
  • How do I wash the teak wood bar, stools, and/or feet?​
    First, try using just a teak oil. Do not use a standard wood cleaner. If you would like a deeper clean, do the three step teak cleaning process. If you want an even deeper clean, first sand the furniture, then complete three step process.
  • The Heater Basics
    Manual: Please read the Campulux Manual before operating Video: Please watch the video on how it works Delphina Heater Pamphlet: A reference to what you read & agreed to when purchasing Important: The water is being sucked out of the pool from the drain. If there are a ton of leaves or debris in the drain, the heater will get clogged. Make sure you clean out clumps of leaves from this area. Heating Time: 1 standard 15lb Propane Tank will typically heat your pool 15 degrees in 3 hours. So, to heat your pool to a hot tub temperature in peak Winter, it could require up to 3 propane tanks and 9 hours. In the transitional Fall and Spring months, it typically requires 1 propane tank. Reordering Propane Tanks: Order on Leave out your tanks and they will replace.
  • Adjusting the Temperature
    The temperature of the outgoing water is dependent on the temperature of the incoming water balanced with the amount of heat applied. Use extreme caution in setting the outlet water temperature. With the water knob set to Max, and the gas knob set to Min, feel the outgoing water. This is the lowest setting available. To initially raise the outgoing temperature, slowly turn the gas valve towards maximum. Adjust slowly and check the temperature often. There will be a slight delay between increasing the gas supply and the increase in water temperature.
  • Heater Trouble Shooting
    Try turning on and off the pump again. Try replacing your propane tank. Ensure you open the top of the propane tank so gas is flowing. Ensure that the tube taking water out of the pool is not filled with air bubbles (see image below). Ensure that your valve is flipped to "open" and it's not blocking the water flow (see image below). Try replacing the two Double D batteries inside the heater. The batteries allow for ignition. If none of these solutions are working for you, email us at and we will send someone out to help you troubleshoot!
  • What should I do during a freeze?
  • Heater Safety Tips & Reminders:​
    Hot Water Output: The water coming out of the heater can get to very hot temperatures. You regulate the water temperature so, if you’re using it with people in the pool, ensure that the temperature is turned down to a manageable level. Pump: The pump that circulates the water can get up to 140 degrees so you want to place it where kids/animals can’t touch it. We will guide you on placement. Smell Gas? Propane is naturally colorless and odorless. An easily detectable scent is added in to help alert customers in the event of a leak. Propane will have a strong, unpleasant smell like rotten eggs. It may be hard for some people to recognize the smell of propane due to congestion or other health related reasons, so it is important that you make sure you and your family know what propane smells like. If you smell gas, and it is safe to do so, turn off the cylinder valve (turning it clockwise, to the right). If you are unable to turn off the valve, or do not feel safe doing so, immediately leave the area and dial 911 or call your local fire department. Before you use the grill or appliance again, have a qualified service technician inspect your grill and cylinder. Care & Maintenance: Read more in your manual here. Search for the section titled "Care and Maintenance." Questions/Concerns?: Email us! ​
  • How do I clean out the filter for the heater?
    Clean Out the Filter Before Use: Before running the heater, check the filter and clean out any build up. The goal is to prevent any sediment/leaves/etc. from circulating through the heater.
  • How do I use the Bubble Cover?
    Utilize the included bubble cover when heating the pool to prevent heat loss. My favorite analogy is: you wouldn’t heat your house with all the windows open so don't heat your pool with the cover off. While you can put the bubble cover on alone, it’s definitely easier with two people. Remove from the pool when not using. Keeping in water permanently could shorten life.
  • Seats in the Pool
    A super easy and affordable addition are floatie chairs here. For more permanent stools, we suggest Ledge Lounger - 17.5" Signature Barstool in Frost. See photos and information here!
  • Extra Storage Nets
    If you want more storage: Storage Nets & Rings
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