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The Customer must ensure that the pool & ladder location (9'2" x 18'3"):

  • Is completely leveled (see more details below).

  • Has all grass, rocks, and debris removed.

  • Is covered with a weed barrier cloth if the area previously had grass on it. 

  • Is a base of concrete, hard-packed decomposed granite, or another hard-packed surface.

  • Has access to one standard 120v outlet with an outdoor extension cord if needed.

  • Has access to a hose to fill up the pool.


Included in the cost of the pool, the Delphina Team will:

  • If desired, go onsite for a backyard consultation to help determine the best location and leveling plan.

  • Go onsite again before installation day to ensure that your site is prepared correctly. Please note that we offer only 1 complimentary pre-install visit. For more visits, we charge $150 each.

  • Deliver and unpack all products.

  • Lay foam and dig cement blocks on the leveled surface.

  • Set up the pool, assemble the pool wrap/ladder/stairs, set up the filter, and fill pool.


Properly leveling your ground is the most important part of the Delphina installation process. A leveled ground with a hard-compacted base ensures a sturdy, beautiful, and long-lasting pool. To level your area, you can either do it yourself or work with a landscaper. Leveling costs are highly dependent on the slope of your land and the ground type, and landscapers will come on-site to provide you with quote. Note: While the pool can structurally handle being on a slope up to 2", it will not be aesthetically pleasing once the pool is filled with water. If you level your ground more than 2 weeks before install, add a 10x20 waterproof tarp (readily available on Amazon) to prevent any damage from wind or rain!

Landscapers can suggest and quote a few options (see images below):

  1. Dig out land and add a layer of compacted decomposed granite (DG). 

  2. Build a welded steel box and fill with decomposed granite (DG). Typically around $3k.

  3. Create a concrete foundation (note that this option counts as impervious coverage).

Scroll through each option to see images of past installations.

1. Level ground and add light layer of packed DG.

2. Build a leveled steel box and fill with packed DG.

3. Build concrete slab.


Depending on what accessories you're ordering, these are the dimensions of the area that should be leveled. The seating and bar areas do not need to be a hard compacted surface but can instead be a base of gravel, mulch, grass, or turf (gravel or turf keeps pools the cleanest!). Pea gravel is the softest option on the feet. Other gravel options are crushed limestone or granite.


Here are some Austin landscapers we have worked with and recommend! If you contact them, let them know that you're getting a Delphina Pool and they will come onsite for a quote.


Text/Call: 512.680.2116


Website: Cutters Landscaping

Text/Call: 512.560.1968

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