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Roll-Up Leaf Cover

Roll-Up Leaf Cover


We received all your feedback on the current cover and know you have been eagerly awaiting this revision! This R&D was a real labor of love, taking over six months to source, test, iterate, and produce. We are so excited to offer a leaf cover that can be quickly rolled on and off by a single person, for under $1k (not an easy feat!). This means less time struggling with the cover and more time enjoying your pool!


Here are the steps:

1) Simply send an email to to let us know which retrofits you would like to purchase. We will then send you an invoice, and you can pay via ACH, Zelle, Check, or Credit Card (with a 3% fee).

2) After check out, Chase will text you and arrange a convenient time for installation.


Warranty: 1-year.

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